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Crochet granny sqaures and more by Laura Strutt

Crochet granny sqaures and more by Laura Strutt

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 Learn to make granny squares, circles, triangles and more with 35 fashionable patterns.

Whether you are just starting to crochet or you fancy a modern approach to classic patterns, Crochet Granny Squares and More provides you with plenty of inspiration to get back to basics and reignite your love of granny squares, circles, triangles and more. Starting with large-scale projects for the home, Cushions and Throws includes colourful patterns for pillow covers, floor cushions, blankets and throws. Finishing Touches includes quick and easy pieces to complete your interiors, from a monochrome wall hanging and a granny circle rug to circular placemats with fluorescent trims. There is plenty to choose from in the Clothes and Accessories section too, including a book bag, a granny hexagon tech case and a triangle shawl, all in rich colours. The basic stitches and techniques are all fully illustrated and explained so all you need is the yarn and hook to create these beautiful, contemporary and stylish pieces.

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